Project Archive

Here's a list of (some of the) projects I've made or worked on.

Python (numpy, scikit-learn, sentence_transformers)
COMPSCI 485 (Applications of Natural Language Processing) group final project. Currently creating a semantic similarity & network science solution to solve The Wiki Game. Utilizes DistilBERT and cosine similarity as heuristics for an A* search problem to navigate Wikipedia inner links.

UMass Cybersecurity Club Website
HTML/CSS/JS, Bootstrap
Maintainer and front-end worker for the UMass Cybersecurity Club website. Helped create a more condusive index page for new potential members, events page, resources page, aggregated writeups page, etc.

Cybersecurity CTF (Capture-The-Flag) Training Platform
HTML/CSS/JS, Svelte, MongoDB, AWS S3, Docker
COMPSCI 426 (Scalable Web Systems) final project. Developed a cybersecurity Capture-The-Flag (CTF) training platform dedicated to enhancing cybersecurity education and fundamental skills within the industry.
HTML/CSS/JS, Spotify API, MongoDB
COMPSCI 326 (Web Programming) group final project. Created a "quirky" version of Spotify with user login/auth, friends lists, and geolocational data. ("UMIFY" = "UMass Amherst" + "Spotify").

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