Obsidian Enjoyer

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I started using Obsidian close to the end of last semester (Spring 2023) because I didn't like all the note-taking applications I used prior to it (post on that later, but it was Evernote and OneNote). I'm a big fan of customization when it comes to any software that I use, so I understood the appeal of Obsidian.


Obsidian is a note-taking application that allows for a lot of customization, including custom hotkeys and community plugins alongside its built-in "core" plugins. For hotkeys, you can customize your own hotkeys by going to Settings > Hotkeys and searching for various ones. The ones I have are very similar to the hotkeys I use on my browser for opening/closing tabs, and for splitting that I use on my terminal multiplexer, Terminator. Here are my hotkeys:

Core Plugins

For normal built-in Obsidian core plugins, I use only a couple:

My template file for lecture notes is very simple; it just adds this properties section to the top. Here's what it looks like in source-mode:

tags: []
created: {{date:YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm a}}

Community Plugins

You can enable community plugins by going to Settings > Community Plugins > Turn On Community Plugins. These plugins are, as the name suggests, made and maintained by the Obsidian community for other Obsidian users to enjoy and use. If you click Browse when on the Community Plugins tab in your settings, you will see a vast list of all the different ones you can choose from. It's very overwhelming, so I wrote down a list of ones that I am currently using.