UMass FAQ For Freshmen & Transfers

Last updated: 2023-06-23


Hello! I am a Computer Science major in the Class of 2024. I compiled a list of my own personal experience as well as information I think is the most important for incoming freshmen or transfers. Thank you to the people who added information to the document for stuff I missed :^) they’re credited within this document.

There was originally a Google Doc for this information, but I moved it all here. This page will be more updated than that Google Doc. On this page, I will attempt to explain all of the stuff I have learned over the course of my years at UMass. This is not only limited to the computer science major (and honors college), but UMass in general. I hope this is useful in some capacity :) I will be answering everything in a Question/Answer format, but if I don’t cover something please ask me. Please refer to the stickied table-of-contents to the right for sections on various topics.

FAQ Document To-Do List

Before UMass

What are the important websites I need to know about or bookmark?

Moodle / Moonami Most of your classes will have their class portal here. Similar to Canvas or Google Classroom if you’re acquainted with those.
Blackboard Some classes will use this instead of Moodle.
SPIRE Most of your UMass important things will be here (final exam schedule, class schedule, enrolling in classes, viewing housing stuff, making roommate groups, etc…)
GET Website to view transaction history, UDebit balance, meal swipes left, Dining Dollar balance, etc. Also has an app for your phone called GET.
UMass Dining Menu for every place on campus, includes the time they’re open, where they are, etc. There’s an app that tells you the busyness of every place plus all the other information called UMass Dining.
Academic Calendar Tells you the calendar of the academic year. Useful for checking what schedule we follow after academic holidays, when breaks are, etc.
UMass Amherst Zoom If you need to login to a Zoom/online meeting with your UMass email, login here.
Patient Portal This is where you will put your immunizations and other vaccine information.
Navigate This is where you will make advising appointments.
Gradescope Some classes require you to use this to view your grades/submit things/view your feedback on assignments. This is used in CS and Math classes to my knowledge, not sure about others.
OWL Another website for homework and tests to be assigned. I know that chemistry and other lab science classes use this.
Piazza Online forum where students can ask questions about projects as well as receive notes/information from instructors of the course. CS students use this. Some teachers use something similar called Campuswire (different website).

What apps are a good idea to download on my phone before coming?

GET App View transaction history, UDebit balance, meal swipes left, Dining Dollar balance, etc.
UMass Dining Menu for every place on campus, includes the time they’re open, where they are, how busy it is, etc. If you have dietary restrictions, the ingredients for each dish is also listed and you can personalize your own menu based off your dietary restrictions.
Transit or Google Maps Bus schedule and routes.
UMass Amherst App Has a little information that might be useful. Personally, I don’t think it’s very useful.

What are some other things I should do before coming?

Making friends with your peers would be useful (via Discord, Instagram, etc…). Everyone’s in the same boat as you and it would be nice to have someone to keep in touch with during the process. Deposit some money into your UDebit account. Don’t put too much, you really only need to put $20+ in at a time.

How do I get most of my UMass information? What social medias can I follow or look at?

Your UMass email Make sure to check it a lot.
r/umass The UMass Amherst subreddit -- there are a lot of people who ask a lot of questions there, so you can search a lot of things.
UMass Amherst Instagram UMass Amherst Instagram
UMass Amherst Twitter UMass Amherst Twitter
Discord Join the 'Student Hub' to view UMass Discord servers and communities.

Majors & Minors

I am undecided on an Exploratory track. How do I get into a major?

Depending on which college you’re on the exploratory track for: Exploratory Track : UMass Amherst

What is a dual degree?

You have to do the major requirements for both majors, but in terms of a Junior Year Writing class, you only have to do one of them for one of the majors. You also have to make sure you finish 150 credits instead of 120 before graduating.

What is a minor? What is the purpose of one? How do I declare it?

A minor is to demonstrate interest or proficiency in some field. A lot of classes are restricted to the major that the course is for, but minors can get into some (i.e. art minors can take art major classes).

First, you reach out to the department. You need to fill out a minor intent form for what department you’re looking to minor in. If it gets approved, then you are good!


What is AP credit used for? What is SAT II Subject test credit for? How can I tell if I scored high enough?

AP Credit is used to see if you can test out of classes.

“UMass Amherst grants advanced standing and/or credit for the College Board AP exams, but these credits will vary depending upon scores and subject matter. You may also receive credit for your SAT II Foreign Language scores. Official copies of your AP and/or SAT Subject Test scores should be sent electronically to UMass Amherst.” Transferring Credit | University Registrar (

See this website to see if your test qualifies. You usually need a 3 or 4-5: Advanced Placement Test & University Recommended Scores/Credits | University Registrar (

See this one for SAT II: SAT II Language Test Interpretation | University Registrar (

What materials are required of each class? What is an access code?

SPIRE > Manage Classes > Classes & Finals Schedule > View My Classes > "View/Purchase Textbooks" button at the very top of the page. I would recommend waiting 'til close to the school semester start to see if you need to actually buy the textbooks, or even buy them after your first week of the semester. See the image below made by Andrew ('26) to see where the button is.

view/purchase textbooks button

How do I take notes?

Depends on your major…I personally like typing my notes as well as handwriting so I have a touchscreen laptop. I used to use Evernote and OneNote, but have since switched to Obsidian. Other (computer science) people recommend Notion, LaTeX, emacs, and neovim.

How do I know what classes I’m supposed to take?

At UMass, there’s 2 different types of requirements you need to meet to graduate. You need to fulfill your major requirements as well as a set of general education requirements, or gen-eds for short. Major requirements depend on your major, and you can typically look up tracking or what classes you need to take for your major. Gen-eds are classes that everyone needs to take across many different general categories.

If you’re a CS major, I mention specifically what is needed later on in the Computer Science Major section.

I have specific interests and I want to take specific classes pertaining to my interests. What classes should I take?

Check this out

What are credits? What do they mean? How many do I have to take? What is my Academic Level based off my credits?

Credits are usually indicative of a course’s workload. Typically, you will see 4-credit courses. Some are 3. Seminars are 1 credit. Depending on your major and how intensive it is/how many courses you have to take, you will choose x number of courses per semester. Talk to your advisor about this.

See your “Academic Level” based off your credits here: How is my Academic Level determined? | University Registrar ( It depends on your total amount of credits, so your standing is based off the following: Freshman (0-26 credits), Sophomore (27-56 credits), Junior (57-86 credits), and Senior (87+ credits).

I came in with some credits for some classes (to my knowledge). How do I check if I actually got credit for it? How do I check where the rest of my requirements for gen-eds and major are?

SPIRE > Academics > General Academic Info > Academic Requirements (ARR). This page shows all the requirements that you have finished for your general education requirements, major requirements, and other requirements you may have (i.e. honors college). You can click the 'View Report as PDF' button at the top, scroll to the bottom, and find your AP/IB/etc... credit that you have from other places. Classes you have credit for will say 'CR' under the 'Grade' column.

How do I choose classes and enroll in classes? What is a shopping cart?

Choose classes based off your major requirements and general education requirements. The enrollment shopping cart is a way for you to “hold onto” the classes you want to take before you actually enroll in them. You will have a hold on your account until your advising appointment which will not allow you to enroll in any classes until the appointment. There are 2 ways of looking for classes: via SPIRE or Schedule Builder.

Selecting classes

SPIRE > Add, Drop, & Edit Classes > Search for Classes (Advanced) > search by course number, category, etc... > click on a class > add to shopping cart

Schedule Builder > "Add Course" button > search for your classes > "Generate Schedules" button > select a schedule you like > "Send to Shopping Cart" button

Enrolling in courses

SPIRE > Add, Drop, & Edit Classes > Shopping Cart > check the checkbox for every class you want to enroll in > "Enroll" button

General Education Classes

What gen-eds do I need to take?

General Education/Academic Requirements | University Registrar (

You need to take a class that covers each category of gen-eds. The categories are:

- College Writing (CW)
- Junior Year Writing (JYW)
- R1
- R2
- Biological Science (BS)
- Physical Science (PS)
- Art/Literature (AT/AL)
- Historical Science (HS)
- Social & Behavioral Science (SB)
- +1 more class that is either AT/AL, HS, or SB
- Diversity US (DU)
- Diversity Global (DG)

You can sometimes double up with 2 gen-eds for one class, but you’d need to look at the gen-eds that each class covers. I made a spreadsheet to track this as well as honors requirements. See here: CS & GEN ED & HONORS REQUIREMENTS

Further breakdown of what each gen-ed category requires: Fulfilling the Requirements : Gen Ed @ UMass : UMass Amherst

List of classes that cover what gen-ed: Gen Ed List | University Registrar (

What is R1 and R2? R1/R2 Gen Ed Requirements | University Registrar (


What do I bring to my dorm? What do I pack for my dorm? What will be there?

Your Room | Living @ UMass Amherst. Here's a packing list I wrote: here.

What am I NOT allowed to bring to my dorm room?


What are the sizes of the beds?

Twin XL, so buy mattress covers/sheets accordingly. The bed is also 30.5" high at its highest bunked point.

Is there Ethernet in the dorms? How do I connect to the WiFi?

No, only WiFi.

Connect to the eduroam WiFi with your SPIRE ID and password. For the first time, you need to install a few things, though: Set up eduroam on Windows, Mac OS , iPhone/iPad, Android, and more | UMass Amherst Information Technology | UMass Amherst

If you have a device other than a laptop/PC or phone (i.e. gaming consoles, etc…), you’ll need to connect your device and register it to the UMass Devices network: Connect Gaming Consoles & Streaming Devices to the Wireless Network | UMass Amherst Information Technology | UMass Amherst

Can I bring my video game consoles? Can I bring a TV?

Yes. Depending on your workload though you might not have time for it.

What are the sizes of the beds?

Twin XL, so buy mattress covers/sheets accordingly. The bed is also 30.5" high at its highest bunked point.

Residential Areas & Residential Halls

What is a residential area? What is a residential/dorm hall?

There are 7 residential areas, which are groupings of different halls in different places on campus. They are:

- Central
- Commonwealth Honors College Residential Community (CHCRC) available only for people in the Commonwealth Honors College (CHC).
- Northeast (NE)
- Orchard Hill (OHill)
- Southwest (SW or SWEST)
- Sylvan
- North

In each residential area, there are a number of different halls, or dorm halls.

Pictures of each residential area: Living At UMass Amherst | Facebook

I want to live in a specific hall in a specific residential area. What do I do?

You cannot select a specific hall in your preference application, but you can choose something like a living, learning community called a RAP (Residential Academic Programs) Residential Academic Programs | UMass Amherst, since you will be placed in a specific hall with only people from the RAP.

There are also special housing options you can select during the Housing Preference application such as:
- 24-HR quiet floors
- alcohol-free
- break housing
- economy triple
- expanded housing
- gender inclusive
- single-sex housing
- Spectrum (LGBTQA community)


What’s a RAP? What’s a Residential Academic Program? What kinds are there? How do I apply?

What is a RAP?
About RAP | Residential Academic Programs | UMass Amherst

What RAPs are available?
Programs | Residential Academic Programs | UMass Amherst

How to join?
How to Join a RAP | Residential Academic Programs | UMass Amherst|

What is a Defined Residential Community (DRC)?

“Defined Residential Communities (DRCs) are communities in residence halls where students can live with hall mates who share similar interests, backgrounds, and identities. The DRCs were originally created by UMass Amherst students and today serve as living and learning communities that support personal growth and academic success.

These communities are not restricted by major and are open to all sophomore, junior and senior students interested in the particular focus area. DRCs are an ideal choice for students who are looking for a dynamic, hands-on way to learn about the variety of cultures and lifestyles represented at UMass Amherst.”

Defined Residential Communities | Living at UMass Amherst

These are saved for upperclassmen though usually.

Central Residential Area

I want to know more about Central.

Central Area | Living at UMass Amherst

“Close to mid-campus lies the Central Residential Area which is made up of nine traditionally-styled buildings. All Central residence halls are coed. However, Van Meter Hall has several female-only floors and male-only floors; Brett Hall is barrier-free and fully accessible for students with disabilities. Brett also offers Break (9-month) Housing (September through May).”

- 4 first-year halls Butterfield, Gorman Hall, Van Meter Hall, Wheeler Hall
- 5 multi-year halls Baker, Brett, Brooks, Chadbourne, Greenough
- Specialty housing: Spectrum residential community
- Greenough Sub Shop (student-run business)
- Josephine White Eagle Native American Cultural Center in Chadbourne
- New Africa House New Africa House | The W.E.B. Du Bois Department of Afro-American Studies (
- there’s also an art gallery in here!

Pictures: Facebook

Commonwealth Honors College Residential Community (CHCRC)

I want to know more about Commonwealth Honors College Residential Area.

Commonwealth Honors College Residential Community | Living at UMass Amherst

“The first of its kind at UMass Amherst, the Commonwealth Honors College Residential Community (CHCRC) sits in the heart of campus, close to classrooms, the main library, and the Recreation Center. CHCRC creates a place for honors students to call home and for all of the campus to enjoy.”

- 2 first-year halls: Oak and Sycamore
- 4 multi-year halls: Birch, Elm, Linden, Maple
- honors advising center
- CHC dean’s office and staff office
- faculty office
- 9 classrooms (in Elm)
- Roots Cafe

- library
- recreation center (gym)
- student union
- Mullins center
- fields
- Yuri Kochiyama Cultural Center

Multi-year halls have suites (suite-style and apartment-style). Suites have private bathrooms (toilet, shower, 2 sinks, large mirror) and common rooms. They are made up of double-style rooms and single-style rooms in each suite. Apartment-style suites come with a kitchen (fridge, oven, stove-top, kitchen sink, countertop, cabinets, microwave) as well as a kitchen table with 4 chairs. These are often not available to freshmen. Sophomores+ usually get this.

Northeast Residential Area (NE)

I want to know more about Northeast.

Northeast Area | Living at UMass Amherst

“The Northeast Residential Area is comprised of nine traditionally-styled buildings that form a quadrangle around a large grassy area known as the "Quad". Knowlton Hall has a barrier-free and accessible entrance.”

- 6 first-year halls: Crabtree, Dwight, Hamin, Leach, Mary Lyon, Knowlton
- 3 multi-year halls: Johnson, Lewis, Thatcher
- DRC: Asian/Asian American Student Program in Lewis
- Volleyball court

- Campus Center
- College of Engineering
- College of Education
- School of Public Health & Health Sciences
- Totman Gym
- Yuri Kochiyama Cultural Center
- Worcester Dining Commons

Pictures: Facebook Pictures

Orchard Hill Residential Area (OHill)

I want to know more about Orchard Hill.

Orchard Hill Area | Living at UMass Amherst

“Overlooking campus, amid rolling hills and apple trees, is the Orchard Hill Residential Area. The area consists of four residence halls surrounding a central grassy area known as "The Bowl." Each residence hall has seven floors with two corridors on each floor branching off from the lobby/elevator area in the center of the floor.”

- 2 first-year halls: Dickinson, Webster
- 2 multi-year halls: Grayson, Field
- Sweets n’ More (student-run business) in Field

- Morrill Science Center
- University Health Services (UHS)
- Franklin Dining Commons
- Worcester Dining Commons

The double rooms feature: long desk (cannot be removed), floating shelf, 2 beds, 2 walk-in closets (hanging-bar, vanity w/ mirror, 3 drawers, cubbies), 2 windows (w/ blinds, can be opened), 2 rolling plastic chairs. OhillDouble Video that shows an old dorm 360 – no furniture is included except for what is mentioned above.

Pictures: Facebook

Southwest Residential Area (SW, SWest)

I want to know more about Southwest.

Southwest Area | Living at UMass Amherst

“The Southwest Residential Area, the largest on campus, houses 5,500 students in its five high-rise towers, and eleven low-rise residence halls. All buildings are coed, although many offer single sex floors. Break Housing is available in James and Prince.”

- 8 first-year halls: Melville, Thoreau, Pierpont , Moore, James, Emerson, Kennedy (tower), Cance
- 8 multi-year halls: Coolidge (tower), Crampton, John Adams, John Quincy Adams (tower), MacKimmie, Patterson, Prince, Washington (tower)
- DRC: Harambee (African Heritage Student Program) in Coolidge, El Barrio Community in Washington
- Student Leadership Center in Moore Hall

- Hampden Student Center
- Latin American Cultural Center
- Malcolm X Cultural Center
- Southwest Area Government offices
- Boyden Gym
- Isenberg School of Management
- Hampshire Dining Commons
- Berkshire Dining Commons

Pictures: Facebook

Sylvan Residential Area

I want to know more about Sylvan.

Sylvan Area | Living at UMass Amherst

“Sylvan Residential Area offers suite-style living in a shady wooded area. Each residence hall contains 64 suites. Some suites are all-male, some all-female and some are co-ed. Each suite is a mixture of double and single rooms, a common bathroom, and a common living room. Suites accommodate from six to eight residents. Break Housing option is available in Cashin Hall. ”

- 3 halls: Brown, Cashin, McNamara
- suite-style halls (6-8 people each)
- transfer/RFYE (residential first-year experience) in McNamara
- basketball court
- Sylvan Snack Bar (student-run business) in McNamara
- wooded trails

- College of Education
- Totman Gym
- Worcester Dining Commons

Pictures: Facebook

North Apartments

I want to know more about North.

North Apartments | Living at UMass Amherst

“Imagine living on campus, with all the UMass Amherst resources close at hand, but with the independence of apartment living.

Transportation is easy when you can walk out your door and be right in the center of campus. A kitchen equipped with microwave, stove, and a full sized refrigerator means you can cook and eat exactly what you like. Four bedrooms and two bathrooms allow for convenience and privacy, plus a fully furnished living room to study and socialize.

If you are interested in an apartment, but don't want to give up the convenience of living on campus, learn more about the UMass Amherst North Area Residence Apartments. Call the Student Services Office at (413) 545-2100.”

Essentially just apartments on campus. Find furnishings, facilities, occupancy period, payment schedule, cooking & dining, etc. on the above website.

Pictures: Facebook

Public Bathrooms

How does showering work?

Bring a shower caddy (with shampoo, conditioner, other bath stuff…), towels, and shower shoes to the bathroom to shower. Showers have hooks or at least places for you to put these caddies because you’re not allowed to leave anything in the public bathrooms. You can put your stuff on the hooks/other places while you shower.

Make sure the caddy is mesh or some breathable material because you don’t want mildew to grow. Something like this: Attmu Mesh Shower Caddy for College Dorm Room Essentials, Hanging Portable Shower Tote Bag Toiletry for Bathroom Accessories : Home & Kitchen

Shower shoes are a MUST because you have no idea where people’s feet and what people’s foot hygiene looks like when you step into the communal showers. PLEASE bring these – and make sure they’re not foam (something like rubber is good). | shevalues Shower Shoes for Women Quick Drying Pool Slides Beach Sandals with Drain Holes | Slippers

Also, when I lived in places with public bathrooms, I would try to squeeze in showers at odd times because sometimes the showers on your floor fill up later at night and you have to wait for someone to be done.

Please be courteous and don’t leave anything in the showers or leave the showers in disarray.


How do I do laundry?

Bring laundry detergent (either actual detergent or tide pods). Fabric softener and dryer sheets are optional.

There are laundry rooms in each residential area – with both washers and dryers.

$1.40 for 1 cycle of washing/drying if you pay with your UDebit balance (on your UCard). $1.50 if you pay in quarters.

30 minutes for washing, 55 for drying – may depend on what type of soil/cycle/temp you use.

1. Put laundry in a washer machine.
2. Tap/scan your UCard onto the machine/panel on the wall (this will subtract funds from your UDebit account to pay for laundry).
3. Select which number (#) machine you put your laundry into.
4. Follow the instructions on the panel.
5. Go to the washer, select your washing options, and hit go.

washing machine panel

1. Put laundry in a dryer machine.
2. Tap/scan your UCard on the wall machine again.
3. Same instructions as washing machine essentially.

Other Living Questions

What is a Residential Assistant (RA)?

“Resident Assistants are live-in student staff members in our residence halls. Resident Assistants (RAs) play an important role in Residential Life and are a vital resource for many members of the campus community. They serve as role models and leaders on the floors in all of our residence halls on campus.

RAs are primarily responsible for community development and student learning initiatives with a focus on promoting community engagement, academic preparedness, cultural competence, and personal responsibility. These goals are accomplished through building individual connections with residents, creating engaging informational bulletin boards, and hosting initiatives in the halls.

RAs also serve on duty in the residence halls, responding to incidents to provide support and referrals to residents in need.”

Resident Assistant Position | Living at UMass Amherst


How do you get around campus?

Walking Everything is ~15-20 min walk usually.
Biking A lot of people bring bikes. There are a lot of bike racks on campus. Bring your own lock. Be mindful of the paths between classes because there are a lot of people travelling around.
Skateboarding A lot of people long-board, use pennyboards, or boosted boards. Same caution needs to be exercised to not hit people just like bikes.
Scooters People bring scooters (especially electric ones).
Roller-skating If it works out for you, sure.
...Unicycling? Go for it!
Bus There’s a system of PVTA buses that travel around campus. Download either the Google Maps or Transit app on your phone to keep track of where the buses are, where they stop, and when they depart/arrive.

UCard & Dorm Key

What is a UCard? What happens if I lose it?

Your student ID that basically lets you into everywhere (dining halls, your dorm building, etc…). You have to pay $30 for a replacement (see more in link). What to Do if Your UCard is Lost or Stolen | UMass Amherst UCard Office

If you lose your UCard, you can typically call the number to get a same-day appointment, rather than using their scheduling. (Hammy ‘26)

What is my key for? What happens if I lose it?

To get into your room. You have to pay $60 if you lose it (usually they spare you 2 times if you can get back your key…but after that you have to pay). Key and Card Access | Living at UMass Amherst

I got locked out of my room first day of being on campus freshman year (left key in room)…you have to go to the Residential Service Desk / RSD (that’s where you pick up packages) of your residential area, ask for a temporary key, then bring it back later after your real key.

How do I not lose these things?

Be careful. I have a lanyard that has a cardholder for my UCard and a ring for my key. I always make sure I have it before I leave. Also, I have a command hook on my door to my room so before I leave I always make sure to grab it.

Methods of Payment

What different types of payment are there on my UCard?

Meal swipes, Dining Dollars, and UDebit.

I heard I don't have to eat only at the dining hall. How do I choose my method of payment (UDebit, Dining Dollars, Meal Swipe, credit card...?) at places that are not dining halls?

You can eat at places like Blue Wall, Harvest Market (both of which are in the Campus Center) or the various cafes on campus. The cashier will ask you before you make your purchase.

Meal Plans & Meal Swipes

What are meal swipes? What meal plan do I choose?

To get into a dining hall and actually be able to get food, you need to tap your UCard and use a “meal swipe” to get in. Dining halls are basically buffet-style, where you go to each station and get what food you want. Depending on your meal plan, that’s how many meal swipes you will have.

Residential Meal Plans | UMass Dining

meal plan options

Dining Dollars

What are dining dollars? Where can I use them?

Basically money that comes with your meal plan that you can use at different places around UMass.

There are places on campus that do not accept dining hall meal swipes that come with residential meal plans: Blue Wall (almost restaurant-style food), Harvest Market, and different Cafes around campus. You need to use dining dollars, UDebit, or your own money (cash, credit) for these places.

>Blue Wall food: Campus Center | UMass Dining


What is UDebit used for? How do I add more to my UDebit balance?

Paying for random things (i.e. UMass store, cafes, Blue wall, vending machines), laundry, and printing services.

Add more to your balance here: GET - Overview - UMass Amherst (

Food & Meals

Dining Halls

Where and what are the dining halls? Are they any different?

There are 4 dining halls:
- Worcester (“Woo”)
- Franklin (“Frank”)
- Hampshire (“Hamp”)
- and Berkshire (“Berk”).

They are located in these spots: dining_hall_map.pdf

They typically have a lot of the same foods across each day (check the menu), but they usually do offer different meal courses.

What time do dining halls open?

7AM usually, closing time depends on location. Cafes and other places operate differently, check the times here: Dining Locations | UMass Dining

Is there a menu? How accurate is it?

Yes, the menu is online. Dining Locations | UMass Dining. There is also an app you can get on your phone called UMass Dining. Pretty accurate menu. Sometimes they are wrong, though.

Keep track of how many meal swipes, how many dining dollars, how much UDebit you have, etc… with the GET app on your phone. Also this website: GET - Overview - UMass Amherst (

Non-Dining Halls

Tell me about the student-run businesses.

The student-run businesses at UMass are really good. My favorite cafe is People’s Market, which is in the Student Union building (towards the side next to the campus pond). They have self-serve coffee and you can bring your own cup to fill :)

Here are the other ones…The Student Businesses | Student Life | UMass Amherst

I really like Sweets n’ More in OHill (Field Hall). They have really good milkshakes :)

Are there vending machines? Where?

A lot of buildings have vending machines with various snacks and drinks. Your dorm hall will too. Some dorm halls have ice cream/pizza/burrito/hotdog vending machines (personally I would only get the ice cream since everything is frozen in those machines…). You can pay for things with UDebit OR your own cash.

UMass Culture

UMass has concerts?

UMass UPC plans a concert each semester. Spring 2022 was Jack Harlow. UPC | University Programming Council - Campus Events at UMass ( If you’re curious about other past concerts: UMass Spring Concert Lineups of the Decade – Amherst Wire

How do I know what events happen around campus?

Library events: UMass Amherst Libraries: Events Calendar - UMass Libraries LibCal - University of Massachusetts Amherst

Also look at a bunch of clubs' social media on Instagram. There’s a lot of promotion there for different events with free stuff. Some include:
- @umassupc University Programming Council
- @umass_aasa Asian American Student Association
- @umassbmcp        Black Mass Communication Project
- etc…

Did someone say free stuff?

There’s a lot of free stuff given out around these areas:
- outside Student Union
- inside Student Union
- in Campus Center

I’ve gotten a lot of pencils, popsockets, flyers, stickers, pins, etc. There’s also a lot of Library Events that hand out free stuff or other events hosted by organizations like University Programming Council (UPC).

There are also a lot of events that happen during the semester that advertise free stuff.

Are there clubs I can join?

Organizations - UMass Campus Pulse (