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About Me

This about-me section is still a work in progress! I plan on adding more about academics and my other interests. Go look at the other parts of this site to learn more about me for now!👋


I involved myself pretty heavily in activities in undergrad, primarily in the following groups:

I got a Certificate of Recognition in Student Leadership [2024-04-25] for these too!

Art and Design

I am very passionate about art and graphic design. I used to do a lot of traditional painting (acrylic, etc.), traditional drawing (charcoal, pen/paper, etc.), and digital drawing (using Paint Tool SAI). More recently, I did a lot of graphic design for the extracurriculars I was in. You can see a lot of the stuff here on the UMass Cybersecurity Club Instagram. Here is a list of various awards and places I've been seen in in the past: